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The DCANS Group is a 100% privately-held international diversified business group with a range of business interests in residential and commercial mortgage finance, securitisation, funds management, real estate, automobile, food & beverage, investment banking and related services. Operating on a global scale, we provide our clients with a true one-stop solution for direct personal and consumer loans, home and commercial mortgages, health and education needs, among others.


Brief History


the genesis....

Isaac Osei, the founder, has always been an entrepreneurial spirit. He sold computers & accessories; laptop repairs; vsat installation, troubleshooting & support services; remote IT support services for government-run tertiary institutions & bodies; coding; unix professional services including server environment; sold custom-built computers; traded the financial markets, other side hustles and even making very small loans to colleague student borrowers secured against a collateral (usually was against textbooks, desktop computers at that time, and later was lending against phones and laptops), in his medical school days out of his dorm room and later from two off-campus office locations - one within a student hostel enclave of his alma mater and the other along a city centre banking street, both within the same city.

He ended up making quite some substantial amount of money from those endeavours (enough not to apply for student loans and not to be affected by irregular support) and decided to go into a joint venture with three other co-founders for an internet service business that horribly went bad (first lesson of how not to pick your co-founder[s] or to go solo if absolutely necessary).

Isaac went solo, took two separate yearlong breaks from school, built twice the size of the failed partnership business single-handedly shortly thereafter, before finally quitting the final antiquated 3yr mbchb clinical model of a 7yr medical school programme after successfully completing the first 4yr pre-clinical degree (earning his bachelor's degree in human biology), when he was just a few credits shy of clinical graduation, to work full-time on growing the side hustles into formal businesses, the result being a growing global business group - when the 'letters' which would have come before his name were obviously not relevant to making a difference in identified critical health and medical care value chain (medical education, healthcare and medical insurance - one of the strategic pillars to the group's current quest in creating a fully integrated privately-owned effectively and efficiently superior healthcare system). Full account revealed in the founder's upcoming book.


the dominant theme....

The grit, grind, passion and growing up without the silver spoon remain the foundations of TDG and the pillars for sustainable growth in the years ahead, together with the team we have, in building and/or growing a well-capitalised, self-sufficient, appropriately integrated diversified socially-responsible ethical business group, predominantly with long-term consolidation strategy.


now and the future....

We are very happy with what we have been able to achieve in these short years (<10yrs). The first 10 years have been amazing, but it is only the beginning - We are 'just getting started'. TDG (and its subsidiaries) will always be a 'global start-up' with the ability to leverage the benefits of scale to continuously stay profitable and relevant.


The Team

At TDG we have a dream, and this dream is centred on the core of our business - our people. As employers, we have rights, but we also have duties towards our employees and their families and/or dependants.



To be a world-class leading and diversified business group that helps build individuals, businesses, nations and communities and giving high returns to stakeholders, one day at a time.



Impacting the lives of people by providing basic needs and to enhance the prosperity of every community that we operate in.


Core Values

Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, Excellence, Innovation and Leadership.


Sectors and Areas

Active player across many sectors:

  • Construction, Engineering & Infrastructure
  • Residential & Commercial Property Investments and Developments
  • Consumer & Personal Loans
  • Mortgages, Bridging & Business Finance
  • Banking, Insurance, Pensions
  • Trading Operations: Equities, Commodities, Currencies, Options, and Contracts
  • Global Payments, Remittances, Settlement & Fintech
  • Franchises, Wholesale & Retail
  • Healthcare and Medical Education
  • Transportation, Hospitality & Tourism
  • Energy & Resources
  • Groceries, Food & Beverages
  • Commercial Farming, Biotechnology, Afforestation & Wildlife
  • Sports & Arts
  • Technology, Media & Telecom
  • Legal, Accounting, Advisory & Business Support Services
  • Private Equity, Venture Capital, Hedge Fund



The group and it subsidiaries are privately-held by a family office structure, in addition to cross-shareholding, sales and marketing strategies, entirely focused on delivering superior, consistent results for long-term investors or shareholders, staff, clients, customers and other stakeholders using high-conviction portfolios, rigorous research and individual accountability.