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The DCANS Group’s strategy is to enforce its position as a strong, diversified, business group with a growing market share/interests in: mortgages and business finance, banking, insurance and pensions, construction and infrastructure, real estate, aviation, hospitality, healthcare, medical education, IT and retail.

The DCANS Group (TDG) aims to leverage its growing diverse and global business portfolio and service-oriented businesses to become one of the world’s leading diversified integrated business group. The group and it subsidiaries are currently privately owned via a family office structure and/or via a modernised keirutsu model.


TDG is predominantly a long-term global player: creating, growing, sustainable scaling and preserving shareholder value.


I. Modernised Keiretsu Model

Each firm maintains its operational independence while retaining very close commercial relationships with other firms intra and inter group, including but not limited to groupwide balance sheet support and strategies, financial engineering & accounting policies. Firm believers in boot-strapping and self-funding whenever possible and/or practiceable.

As a player in highly competitive markets and in building sustainable businesses, the group and its subsidiaries employ lean management techniques across board whilst outsourcing some processes and also leveraging the capabilities of technology systems, processes and automation in achieving our strategic objectives and growth.

We employ varied strategies to deliver extreme value for our stakeholders, clients and customers.


II. Investing

TDG invests in both listed and unlisted companies, leveraging our capital, operating and management experience, and international reach to accelerate growth, long-term views and create value. We tend to invest in areas in which we have deep experience: real estate, hospitality, food & beverage, sports, energy, retail, agriculture, and finance.

We mainly invest our own capital.


III. Cash (and Cash Equivalents)

Cash (incl digital currencies) is king. A key strategy, asset class and component of most TDG Companies, in our ongoing international expansion drive.




IV. Cashflow Reinvestments

High cash reinvestment ratios very characteristic of almost all TDG businesses.



V. Technology (including Fintech)

Most of the things we do are underpinned by math and a lot of software and technology. We do away with hopeless outdated and/or ineffective business processes and practices. To the extent that some of our subsidiary businesses run efficiently and seamlessly unstaffed with humans and others with little to no human intervention, especially in the areas of finance (incl home mortgages, commercial loans & mortgages, personal/consumer loans) and retail.

Technology allows us to cut cost drastically, remain sustainably profitable and globally competitive and alert to opportunities, without compromising the quality of our products and services - a direct benefit to the client/customer.



VI. Group/Company-Owned Premises

As a long-term corporate investor, our capex strategy guarantees owning most (if not all) group/subsidiary business operating premises, over a period, usually not exceeding 60 months of operating from a lease (if not already from the outset). The savings, investments and commercial synergies work in favour of our loyal clients directly and indirectly in lower fees and charges, and stability. A structured capex strategy to eliminate inherent uncertainties with leases and in line with our long-term strategy and greater control of our business lines and operations.



VII. Credit

We believe our credit and capital markets expertise serve as an integral component of our company’s growth and success. Our credit funds leverage TDG's integrated platform and utilize the same disciplined, value-oriented investment philosophy that we employ with respect to our private equity funds. We seek to participate in high margin credit businesses where our industry expertise can be used to generate attractive investment returns.

Our credit activities span a broad range of the credit spectrum, including performing and non-performing loans, distressed debt, mezzanine debt, senior bank loans, structured credit, European Credit and other value-oriented fixed income products.



VIII. Real Estate

TDG's real estate group has a dedicated team of multi-disciplinary real estate professionals whose investment activities are integrated and coordinated with TDG's private equity and credit businesses. We take a broad view of markets and property types in targeting debt and equity investment opportunities, including the acquisition and recapitalisation of real estate portfolios, platforms and operating companies and distressed for control situations.

TDG's real estate group has a local presence in the UK and Europe, Asia-Pacific, the MENA region and Africa, and actively pursues investment opportunities in each of these geographies. With respect to our equity investments, TDG takes a value-oriented approach and will invest in assets located in primary and secondary markets.

The group begins with an in-depth market analysis to identify asset classes, geographies and parts of the capital structure we believe will outperform in the current economic environment. We then pursue opportunistic investments in various real estate asset classes, which historically have included hospitality, office, industrial, retail, healthcare, residential and non-performing loans.

We offer financing across a broad spectrum of property types and at various points within a property’s capital structure, including first mortgage and mezzanine financing and preferred equity. Our ability to underwrite and close transactions with complexity in execution, operations or structure sets us apart from the competition. In connection with TDG's credit group, we also manage strategic accounts focused on investing in commercial mortgage-backed securities and other real-estate related securities.



IX. Private Equity

TDG has developed substantial expertise and valuable relationships across ten core investment sectors through our private equity investment activities, namely;

  • Chemicals
  • Commodities
  • Consumer & Retail
  • Distribution & Transportation
  • Financial & Business Services
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Technology, Media, Cable & Leisure
  • Packaging & Materials
  • Pharmaceuticals


PE Strategies

  • Opportunistic Buyouts 
  • Distressed Buyouts & Debt Investments
  • Corporate Partner Buyouts
  • Venture Capital Investments (Early-stage, Late-stage, pre-IPO stage)
  • Mezzanine Funds
  • Real estate Funds
  • Infrastructure Funds
  • Fund of Funds
  • Buy to Sell
  • Buy and Build
  • Others: New companies



X. Hedge Fund

Multi-strategy and Multi-management. Non-volatile. Takes a global industry-centric approach to investing with a heavy emphasis on tactical trading, and quantitative and qualitative risk management. Offers comprehensive investment management capabilities that span nearly all segments of the global capital markets.



XI. In-house Banking (IHB) Platform

Aside the group's banking business in Europe and Africa that are to come online forcefully in the coming months, the group has had a cost-effective private banking platform among its subsidiary businesses for faster, cheaper and secured transactions.



XII. Group Bank

The Group has many growing businesses in the area of finance, investment, retail and property sector and views the ownership of a Bank as a natural progression. The need to continue churning out extreme value products and services across our business lines necessitates owning a regulated lender to make our evolving business models work seamlessly and sustainably.

TDG will wholly own two well-run and adequately capitalised regulated banks by 2022 (if not earlier), in regions the group has substantial business interests and to be part of our nascent global payment and settlement infrastructure, with plans already far advanced. A move to aggregate and consolidate group and subsidiary capital position, a leverage for respective loyal customers and clients, and to replace current external payment providers within our IHB. As well as substantial ownership interests in other identified existing players, all within our investments and expansion drive.


XIII. Sustainable Growth

Modernised Keiretsu (H+V), Acquisitions (incl Synergistic Acquisitions, Management Acquistions and Special Purpose Acquisition Companies - SPACs), SPVs/SPEs, Growth PE, Joint Ventures, Partnerships, Equity Investments, Market segmentation, Broker Network, Agency Network, Affiliates, Associates, Organic, Integrations, Outsourcing, Automation, Artificial Intelligence & Sophisticated Robotory.


XIV. Customer Loyalty

We take repeat business seriously. Aside specific rewards with each subsidiary company or business, loyal customers and clients crossing a pre-set spending limit across the group can still benefit from the Groupwide Loyalty Programme.


XV. Targeted Charity & Philanthropy

It is not uncommon for communities and areas in which we operate in to benefit from our sustainable charitable giving and philanthropy. Up to 20% of all groupwide annual profits (incl tax deductibles) go to social causes. All community activities are channelled through SFH, our in-house charity arm.